Jan 07

Fun with Veggies

By Celeste DeCamps | Recipes

I love making salads.  Today, I created a masterpiece.

A mix of baby spinach and arugula

Sliced cucumbers

Sliced baby carrots

Sliced orange, yellow and red peppers

Plum tomatos

1/2 of an avocado

Feta Cheese

Dried Cranberries

Topped with Flax Seed Oil

Delicious and Nutritious

Jan 05

Beauty Within

By Celeste DeCamps | Self Improvement

I struggled for years with low self-esteem. I had a horrible and annoying voice that lived inside my head. It constantly under minded my confidence. It was exhausting and I desperately wanted to change the opinion I had of myself. When I decided to get on the road to self-discovery, three things happened to help me finally kick that useless voice to the curb.

1: I realized the culture I live in contributed to my belittling.

2: It took a water experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist to see how my thought patterns were hurting me and

3: I began to learn about my true self worth.

My hope is that my experiences will help you hear a more encouraging and supportive voice in your head.

Why isn’t my hair longer, fuller and shinier? Why isn’t my complexion flawless?  Why can’t I lose 10 pounds?

That was a small sample of the inner dialogue I’ve had with myself since I was a teenager. Magazine articles and talk show hosts will tell us ad naseum that the biggest attribute a woman has is her confidence.  How do I imbue confidence when I just raked myself over the coals before having my first cup of coffee?

Do I want to look like a Victoria Secret model? Yes, yes I do. Do I really believe it will make my life perfect? No, but it doesn’t stop me for wanting to be beautiful. I’m not alone.

For centuries women have tried all kinds of beauty treatments to enhance what we have or to fake what we don’t. Media induced beauty, and all it entails. From pictures of 20yr old models, selling wrinkle cream, to talk shows that promote the latest in weight loss. It’s a feeding frenzy on my insecurities in hopes of selling me a cure. The question I have is: How can I stop this cycle of mental put-downs?

A few years ago, I read an interesting experiment that impacted my belief system. It forever changed my inner dialogue.

Dr. Masaru Emoto decided to study water molecules. The water samples were subjected to various degrees of emotion: One jar of water was subjected to messages of Love, one jar of water was given soft words of appreciation; One jar was yelled at with messages of anger and one jar was spoken to with messages of hate. After a month of this, he took pictures of the frozen water. He then produced several slides showing different crystal formations. Love and appreciation are beautiful pictures while the anger and hate are nasty. Think about this: We are made up of 60% water. I needed to change my thought patterns about myself.  I didn’t want to make myself ugly.

You can see a video about this experiment below:

How do you change a rock solid foundation of insecurity into an anchor of self-assurance? I decided to replace that abusive voice inside me with one that was full of love and self-respect. Like everything else, it took practice. When a negative thought would push it’s way in, I countered it with something positive. “Wrinkles are multiplying overnight”. “No, those are laugh lines, because my love is full of joy.” I decided to feel grateful that I was healthy, and strong. I meditated and visualized a light inside me that energized and reinforced my belief in my true beauty.

The best example I have of knowing true beauty is this:

Have you ever seen a good looking person and after a 5 minute conversation wonder why you found him/her to be pretty? I’m not talking about when the lights suddenly come on and it’s last call. Their thoughts were rude and obnoxious. The same goes for someone that may not be particularly nice looking, and yet after speaking with him or her, and connecting on the same wavelength, they suddenly become quite attractive. Our inner beauty will always shine through.

I think we are all naturally vain. I think it’s a part of the ego that will keep us evolving into something greater. I’m not opposed to that. I’m opposed to trying for an ideal that was media made.

Marilyn Monroe, the icon of beauty was not happy. Even though she was considered the most beautiful woman, in the world, she never felt loved. All of her wealth and fame never got her what she most wanted.

Don’t misunderstand me: There’s a part of me that wants to age gracefully and another part that wants to go kicking and screaming. I will always enjoy putting makeup on and looking and feeling my best. I just refuse to put myself under a microscope and pick myself apart.

Today, I can honestly say, that the crystal formations inside me are beautiful. They reflect how I perceive myself on the inside as well as the outside. My self-discovery taught me to be grateful for what I have and see other people’s inner beauty as well.

My inner voice now sounds like this: I am perfect, I am strong, I am healthy, I am beautiful inside and out and more important, I am loved.

Jan 05

Scared Stiff

By Celeste DeCamps | Featured Articles

I was a professional belly dancer for many years. Occasionally, I would give classes for fund raising events, or for groups of women that wanted to try something new for their “girls’ night out”.  What I realized was, they didn’t necessarily want to learn how to belly dance, as much as they wanted to regain their femininity. They forgot what it felt like to be sexy: They were busy being wives, mothers, and employees. Belly Dancing was a way to feel exotic, to be free to let loose and to feel like a woman again. It wasn’t easy for many of these women. They looked at my hip movements and decided that their hips did not move. The dance lessons would turn into a kind of therapy session. Each woman had a reason why her hips didn’t move easily. I explained that belly dancing is the oldest dance form in history. Yes, there are techniques that can be learned thru practice, but the core movements are based on women’s natural abilities.  I reminded the women that when they were little girls, they danced. There was no judgment then, and there wasn’t any judgment now. When I broke the movements down, little by little the mental block started to move away. They started to have a better understanding of how easy their bodies would flow thru the exercise when they relaxed and stopped worrying about being perfect. The transformations always amazed me. Suddenly, these women were dancing and laughing. They would tell me later, that they were surprised at how good they feel. The awkwardness disappeared and they felt a lot better about themselves.

All women come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why belly dancing will always look different on different women. There is no wrong way to dance. I find dancing is the quickest way to connect ourselves with our bodies. Moving slowly and gracefully with the music, in the privacy of home, is like it’s own meditation. It immediately reminds us that we are beautiful and fun. I tell women to put on music that makes them feel happy. You can’t feel bad or sad when you are dancing.

I have been backstage at belly dance conventions, waiting for my turn to dance, with other belly dancers. Each one will ask me, “How do I look?” “Is my hair alright?” “How’s my makeup?” “I am trying to lose weight, does my costume look tight?’ The moment they get on stage, a wonderful thing happens. They are smiling, they are confident, they do a great show and they are perfect. All of their insecurities disappear. I want to tell them to hold onto that feeling and don’t let it go. We all possess the ability to feel positive about ourselves. It may take practice, but it’s worth it.

Jan 02

Welcome to my brand new website!

By Celeste DeCamps | General

If you’re looking for a professional speaker, or are simply looking for more info on boosting self-esteem, getting more energy, and having a happier life, you have come to the right place!

My site is new, but check back soon because I’ll be making frequent updates.


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