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"How to Raise Your Self Esteem and Confidence in a Split Second!"

If you want to provide your audience with a fresh perspective, inspire and energize your team, and break up the monotony of set routines, then this may be the most important website you'll ever visit...


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Empowerment Through Movement is a presentation that is interactive and fun. The audience will leave with an  understanding that we have more power over our thoughts and feelings than we realize. Celeste demonstrates her philosophy that if the body believes the mind will follow. She shows people the importance of how we hold our bodies when we sit, stand and walk. Body language is our first impression we give to people but it’s also a reflection of what we are thinking about ourselves. Celeste gives the audience valuable tools to use when they need a boost in their self-esteem especially when they feel anxious. 

We all need motivation and encouragement to help us attain our goals. It’s not easy to always feel that everything is possible, yet with each step you get closer to finding your success. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you waiting for your mind to tell you that you are strong and confident?
  • Are you waiting to check off all the boxes before going after your dream job?
  • Are you waiting to lose ten pounds before you ask for a promotion?
  • Are you waiting to for someone to acknowledge your expertise and skills before you can believe in yourself?
  • Are you tired of waiting?

Celeste's Presentations and Workshops are designed to help you feel empowered today and everyday

It’s easy to be inspired but it’s harder to stay that way. Everyone feels great after a pep rally, but once the crowd disperses so does the energy with it. Everyone wants to have a solid roadmap that they can follow and use. Celeste gives you the tools to help you stay on a positive path. The knowledge and research she shares gives you the ability to be your own cheerleader. 

tired salesperon

Re-Energize Your Sales Team 

After being in meetings for hours on end, even the most dedicated sales force can start to lose steam.

Celeste's presentation will get them up, moving, and inspired.  When they return to your meeting, they'l be focused and ready to continue work.

New Way vs Old Way

Change the Way People See Things

Celeste brings a different perspective, which helps your employees see challenges in a unique way.  

Problems become opportunities, and the solutions to complex obstacles can sometimes be simpler than first thought.

boy listening to can on string

Get Your Message Heard

Your sales team is much more likely to listen to and believe some of the things you want to tell them if they hear it from someone else.

Despite the number of times you've repeated advice, sometimes it takes an outsider to make sure it's heard.

team work

Promote Teamwork

How do we make ourselves a priority and not feel guilty about it? Celeste incorporates the answer to these concerns in her presentation. She teaches breathing exercises along with simple movements that will stop the roller coaster ride in your head. The audience leaves feeling happy and energized. 


If the body believes,

 the mind will follow."

Instantly feel confident, strong and sexy

Celeste's presentations are a combination of research, stories and interviews.  She keeps her audience engaged by having everyone up and moving. Listening is fine, but doing is better. Learn the techniques to lower anxiety and stress. Understand how different positions change your mindset. Walk out of the meeting with your head held high and feel energized. 

Build instant rapport with everyone you meet

Not everyone has the gift of gab. Many people struggle with small talk and find it nerve wracking to approach new people. What if there was a proven way to get and hold someone’s attention? To be able to immediately feel comfortable with a new acquaintance and not feel awkward. To instantly and easily have a rapport with people at a networking event, party, or business meeting. 


Celeste shares the simple method of mirroring. It's an effective way to make a strong connection to others. You'll increase your ability to be more relatable in a subtle way. You'll be more relaxed and focused than ever before. 

What Past Clients Say

What Past Clients Wrote


Thanks for coming to visit us to give a talk at Grace last week. Your presentation was well-done, and I hope you come back again and inspire more students. 

Helen Lupindo 

 Grace Institute


You reminded us it's essential to keep your head up (even when we're texting, like I am doing right now), maintain a positive outlook and do things that's fun & makes us happy.

Monica Lewis

Grace Institute


I am usually so nervous meeting corporate business people but I took some time and practiced the exercises you have showed us and I controlled my breathing, it was a success. 

Evita Benavides

Grace Institute

Celeste's Past Clients Include

Four Reasons Celeste DeCamps Will Make Your Event Spectacular:

1.  Celeste's stories are fun and upbeat. Motivation and inspiration can be felt without the telling of a sad experience. 

2. Celeste shares wonderful tips and tricks that prove we can kick a bad mood to the curb and enjoy our day. 

3. Celeste engages the audience with breathing exercises paired with simple movements, guaranteed to stop the roller coaster ride in your head. 

4. Celeste's goal is to have everyone leave the meeting with valuable tools that they can use when they need to boost their self-esteem.

Celeste DeCamps

Celeste DeCamps has spent years researching the mind-body connection and has a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from the University of Miami. She has mastered understanding how our body positions and movement affect our emotional state and well-being.

Celeste DeCamps has worked in radio and television, was a professional belly dancer, a co-owner of a Jazz and Blues restaurant, and a Southern Wine and Spirits sales rep.

Celeste is the owner of Empowerment Through Movement LLC and is co-founder of Authentic Voice LLC. In addition to speaking herself, she provides coaching for speakers.

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