Would you like to walk into any room and have instant rapport with everyone you meet?

My presentation on The Mirroring Technique will show your audience how easy it is to make fast connections and strengthen existing relationships.

I have been in sales for years. I’ve attended many business meetings and networking events. I have traveled by myself and have been in many situations where I did not know anyone at an event. I didn’t always have the confidence it took to make new connections and create a network of people. I had to research and learn how to gain someone’s interest and keep it. To be able to read another person’s body language and gauge how to respond to them took effort. Little by little my efforts paid off. My confidence grew and so did my circle of friends, business partners and customers.

I learned the technique of mirroring and I will teach it to you.

In this presentation your audience will learn:

  • The psychology behind mirroring
  • How to be more comfortable around people you just met
  • How to gain instant rapport when meeting someone for the first time
  • How to gain more empathy
  • Understand the difference of mirroring and mimicry
  • How to effectively use mirroring
  • Understand nonverbal cues and how to mirror them
  • How to match a person’s vocal volume and pace
  • How to focus on a person’s use of language. For example: Does the person you are meeting describe events using visual or auditory words?
  • How to tell when the person you are meeting for the first time is feeling comfortable with you

It’s based on scientific findings and real-life experience

Many people have a difficult time reading another person’s body language. They’re caught up with their own fear of how they are coming across. The result is that they don’t take the time to focus on the person or persons in front of them.

When we are working towards better self-esteem and confidence, it helps to look outside of ourselves.

•    How do I take the focus off myself and put it on someone else?
•    How do I become a better listener?
•    What does it mean to be able to feel another person’s emotion?
•    How can I relax and be myself?
•    How do I find common ground with people I just met?
•    How do I get over the fear of saying or doing something embarrassing?

We all worry about making a good first impression. Mirroring is a tool that can help us do that. We can feel confident that we are putting or best foot forward by making it all about the person we are meeting.

This presentation is easy to follow and understand. I have taken the research and distilled it down to the essential parts of mirroring.

Audience participation is encouraged. I will get volunteers up and coach them on the finer points of mirroring. Everyone walks away with a new set of tools to help them be successful in their business and personal life. 

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