Sales ​Training.

​If you want to boost your commission dollars and solidify long term customer relationships then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why…..

Dear Sales Team,

We are not just selling a product. We are selling ourselves. I have a fun and engaging presentation that gets to the heart of what being a salesperson is.

To close a deal and get a yes from your customer, you should first understand the 3 Knows

• Know Yourself
• Know Your Product
• Know Your Customer

I have been in sales for over 30 years. I had my own entertainment business when I was 22. I owned and managed a restaurant at 32. When I moved to New York, I sold wine and spirits to restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. Now, I teach and entertain people in the business world on how to sell themselves and their products.

I explain proven sales techniques:

• How to make a plan and work the plan
• Make promises and over deliver
• How to read body language
• How to effectively use mirroring to gain instant rapport
• How the word No is an opportunity to learn
• Learn to be quiet and listen to your customer’s needs and wants
• Knowing when to make your sales pitch-Give your customers the answers to their problems

I deliver my sales training with the purpose of being informative, and having fun. I engage the audience by making it interactive. I demonstrate an important aspect of selling using a little magic. It always takes people by surprise and the impact of the message stays with them.

Watch ​Sample Video Below

Grace Institute
Barnard College

Celeste Can Make Your Event More Effective

​A fun, interactive speech that will leave your audience feeling happy and energized.

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