I have a bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences from the University of Miami, with a focus on communication. I’ve worked in radio and television, which has allowed me to develop strong communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, I owned and managed a jazz and blues restaurant, giving me first-hand experience in business management.

When I moved to New York, I worked as a staffing specialist for Manpower, which gave me extensive experience helping others find success in their job searches. After a few years, I decided to use my knowledge of restaurant management. I became a salesperson for Southern Wine and Spirits, selling to hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants all over Manhattan. 

With my diverse background and knowledge, I realized I was uniquely qualified to help struggling professionals get the job they want and find success. I also understand the challenges professionals face when tasked to give presentations and trainings. My skills and expertise can help them achieve their goals. Now, as a speaker and communication coach, I do just that. 


In different trainings and workshops, I've repeatedly proven to audiences that if they want to change their attitudes for the better, they should start with their bodies. Our emotions are reflected in how we sit, stand, and walk. I show my audience the importance of looking and feeling confident even when our minds tell us the opposite. I share how to tap into their natural abilities to be prosperous. I've developed many tips, tricks, and techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, and I share my research to help everyone learn how to be confident and command the room. 



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