About Celeste

Celeste DeCamps has proven many times to young women that if they want to change their attitudes for the better, start with their bodies. Our emotions are reflected in the way we sit, stand and walk. Celeste shows her audience the importance of looking and feeling confident even when our minds are telling us the opposite. As women, we are convinced by society that to compete with men we have to be more aggressive. Celeste teaches her audiences how to tap into their natural abilities to be successful, without losing their compassion.

Celeste incorporates the following in her program:

Celeste’s philosophy lies in the belief that women can change their attitudes for the better by engaging in a few simple body movements. For example, if you want to raise your confidence level before an important job interview, hold a power pose. Believe it or not, your mind will instantly follow the perceived stance as one of conviction.

Women will learn different ways to enhance their postures and to take command of any room they enter.

Celeste’s audience will learn movements that will help them stay in touch with their femininity, grace, strength, and creativity to keep them empowered. The world is changing and women are taking a bigger role than ever before.

Women will learn how compassion and empathy is an asset for achieving success.

Celeste also teaches the art of mirroring, which is a subtle approach to making new acquaintances feel comfortable with you.

Celeste had a successful career as a belly dancer in South Florida. She performed all over the country. She performed onstage with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, when he had his concert “Manic Nirvana” at the Miami Arena. Celeste also co-owned and managed a Jazz and Blues restaurant for several years. Moving to New York, she took a job selling wine and spirits to restaurants and nightclubs in Manhattan. Through all of her different career moves, speaking to women and teaching them has always been the most fulfilling job for Celeste.

To help promote her lectures, Celeste offers a complimentary belly dance class. Through the art of belly dancing, Celeste has shown women how to connect to their core being. The oldest dance form in history is a natural way for women to move. Women come in all shapes and sizes and dance moves will look different on each woman. There is no wrong way to dance.