April 18


What Kind of Leader Are You?

By Celeste DeCamps

April 18, 2023

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"A team's morale is based on how their boss treats them."

Lately, I'm seeing more and more requests for workshops pertaining to leadership development. Managing a team of people is a skill that needs to be honed constantly. I've worked in different companies, and I can attest to the importance of having a strong, hands-on director that positively impacts the work environment. When, as an employee, you're encouraged to give input and suggestions and rewarded for your efforts, you're motivated to do your best work. A team's morale is based on how their boss treats them. 

Learning leadership skills will make you an invaluable asset to any company. As long as you're open to constructive criticism about how you approach the challenges in the workplace, the quicker you'll be at becoming an effective leader. Unfortunately, everyone gets caught up in the day-to-day pressures and demands at work that they don't take the time to analyze how they could've handled things differently for a better outcome. 

Here are a few suggestions to give you an honest look at your leadership style.

  • A good leader inspires and respects those around them. Do you only speak with your employees when they've done something wrong? Or do you take the time to encourage them with positive feedback? Showing respect for the people who work for you goes a long way toward establishing a solid relationship and rapport that keeps employees happy to come to work. 
  • A good leader knows how to delegate. For example, when several tasks need to be done in a timely manner, do you give it to only a couple of people you know will get right on it, or do you handle it all on your own? Do you consider dividing it up evenly and having everyone pitch in? Managers who develop teamwork and communication among their employees find a higher satisfaction rate for their company. 
  • A good leader helps their employees reach their full potential. For people to feel job security, they need to know that there's room for them to grow. So, do you make them think there's no other opportunity in the company? Or, do you tell them about educational courses they can take to expand their skill set? The more you can challenge and help employees be versatile, the easier it is when you have to fill a position at the last minute. 
  • A good leader is supportive and listens to their team when they present ideas to you. When an employee sees a better way for customer service to be more effective, do you dismiss them unceremoniously? Or worse, do you take credit for their great idea? (I already know this has happened to many of us.) Hopefully, you will hear them out and either build on their epiphany or give them a chance to implement a course of action.
  • A good leader rewards their team's accomplishments. Everyone enjoys being valued for their hard work, and having management acknowledge it goes a long way toward feeling appreciated. Do you take their work for granted and not bother recognizing their achievements? Or, do you treat your employees with a nice lunch or bonuses? It's the best way to keep employees motivated when they feel they are vested in the company's success. 

Leadership is not about giving orders; it's about taking charge and inspiring others to do the same. That means you need to be your team's role model and demonstrate the behavior you want them to emulate.

That doesn't mean you need to be perfect all the time! In fact, leaders often make mistakes, and it's important to own up to them and learn from them. After all, no one is perfect! However, the advantages of solid leadership skills can be immense and help you in many aspects of your life. So take the time to build your leadership skills, and you'll find yourself reaping the benefits in no time!

About the author

Celeste DeCamps has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Miami. She worked in radio and television, was a professional belly dancer, drummer, percussionist, nightclub owner, and a sales rep for Southern Wine and Spirits for 12 years. Throughout her different career moves, speaking to and teaching women how to be more confident is Celeste's most fulfilling job.

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